Sunday, August 12, 2007

Post: Thomas Train Party Menu Ideas

As if we needed more evidence thatthe Internet is the greatest of Mankind's inventions, behold. The following is an excerpt from a fun post titled "Thomas The Tank Engine Party Menu Fun!" found here. Enjoy:

Coming up with a bill of fare program that's suitable for the Seth Thomas
the Tank Engine party but still appealing to little children is a spot
difficult. Kids love easy choice up handles and merriment items. Maybe you can
spice up this political party with some Mexican food? Try serving the kid's
Thomas's Toot Tooting Refried Beans, if you dare. Tacos and flour tortilla wrap
ups are simple to set together and they are just the easy pickup truck nutrients
your children will love for a steaming engine party. We make propose that you
have got the children eat nutrient at the table, outside or in a room with a
tiled or linoleum surface, because some of that easy choice up nutrient will
certainly fall down. Dessert is a merriment bar made in the form of Seth Thomas
the Tank Engine. Don't bury to function up some Steaming Engine Juice for the
invitees so they can rinse down their food.