Tuesday, March 28, 2006

News: The Hogwarts Express rides in Delaware

I know I said this was a Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Blog and not a Harry Potter blog but this seems close enough. Theres a train you can ride in Delaware that has a harry potter theme. Seems like fun for the kids.
delawareonline ¦ The News Journal ¦ All aboard for fun on the Wizard Train

Thursday, March 23, 2006

News: icCheshireOnline

This article isn't really all that interesting but I hadn't posted anything in a while. The only thing interesting to me was that HIT Entertainment, which seemed to come out of nowhere is a subsidiary of Apax Partners. Oh yeah... and HIT Entertainment, from what is intimated in the article, appears to be a bunch of corporate sharks.

icCheshireOnline: "It comes three weeks after London-based Chorion revealed that Hit Entertainment, which is owned by private equity firm Apax Partners, was planning to gatecrash the recommended management buyout by Planet Acquisitions. "

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

News: Great article on Steam Engines

Here's a great line:

"I am a sucker for enthusiasm. I regard an enthusiast as worth a hundred cynics"

Here here. It's way too easy to be cynical, skeptical and pessimistic. Here's a great article on Steam Engines and steam engine enthusiasts. With a brief reference to Thomas delighting kids.

Guardian Unlimited Columnists Thrill to the steam engine, the most radical machine ever built

Monday, March 13, 2006

News: Thomes Tour is going strong

This article:
MiamiHerald.com 03/10/2006 CRITIC'S PICK: Family Fun: "'Day Out with Thomas'"
talks about the Day out with Thomas tour coming to Miami. This type trip is fantastic for kids (or parents with kids) but a little goofy for an adult fan (unless you can sign up to be a Mentor for a kid and then, you get to go and be a hero!

For details on a "A day out with Thomas events", try http://www.comeridetherails.com/. There's a really neat map with all this year's locations on it. It looks like for most US folks there should be a site near you.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

News: The Biz: Pepsi And TBS Promo No Joke; Blockbuster Is Up For Oscar

Third paragraph says that HIT entertainment is doing it's 11th Come Ride the Rails with Thomas this year. I missed it this past year but am excited to be ahead of the curve this year.
The Biz: Pepsi And TBS Promo No Joke; Blockbuster Is Up For Oscar