Tuesday, May 15, 2007

News: Thomas Saves the Day is a Hit

According to Canada.com, the theater production "Thomas Saves the Day" is a big hit. It's a one man show of sorts, as mentioned in the last post:

Conte, who also plays the narrator in the 90-minute musical show, says it was a challenge at first playing all three engine voices and a separate

"Every night I'm playing four different people," he said. "It's hard enough playing myself. But when I get onstage, I get lost in it. I get to tell the story, and then I'm part of the story. It's rewarding."

Spending time with his nieces and nephews helped Conte develop the character voices. "I have a silly little voice with my niece, and that's where I got the voice for Percy from. Percy is my favourite. He does remind me a lot of a three- or four-year-old, character-wise. He's so young, nothing bothers him. He's goofy and the way I portray his voice is goofy as well."

The article did a good job of succinctly summarizing the Thomas phenomenon without boring the 90% of article readers who know all about him. One thing I didn't know: Audry was an Anglican vicar. I've never heard of a vicar, but from the sound of it, I'm pretty sure it's the British equivalent of a Blood or a Crip.

No news yet on when / if this show goes on the road, but to me it seems inevitable.

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