Friday, February 02, 2007

News: Thomas the Tank Engine to Star in the Super Bowl (exclusive pics!)

As super sunday approaches, it turns out that Thomas the Tank Engine (aka Thomas Jones) - son a of a coal miner - will have a starring role on the Chicago Bears Team. "February 2, 2007 -- MIAMI - It was one of those questions that often crop up at a Super Bowl, a query that seemingly does not make sense. Bears running back Thomas Jones was asked how his profession is similar to the one his mother, Betty, grinded away at for 20 years.

Betty Jones worked in a coal mine. "We go into holes," Thomas Jones said yesterday. "She goes into a hole that's dangerous, and I go into a hole that's dangerous. It's kind of weird, we ended up having the same job, somehow."

read the whole article here:
THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE - Sports - New York Post Online Edition


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