Monday, October 23, 2006

Forum: Thomas Train Modeller draws snickers

It's not often I think about the old guys hanging out in model train / hobby shops as snobs, but they snickered at this guy for but sodor trains rather than more authentic sets. It's a good and lively discussion about why to model railroad, through the lens of TtTE.

No respect for Thomas modeller - Forums: "No respect for Thomas modeller"


At 5:37 AM, Anonymous TheHobbyGuy said...

Well, we love Thomas here in my house, so if they laugh, they laugh at us too. That is a great forum thread, it is amazing how people can get so caught up in something and forget its all about play. In the thread was a link to a site you may like, its all about modeling Sodor and has some pics from the show.

Keep up the great Blogging! You are a very useful engine!


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