Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rant: Thomas is the root of all evil (or something like that)

I stumbled across this blog post (Bookfraud: Thomas the Money-Making Engine) and was shocked. I thought it was my blog. The downside of using a standard template. It could have been me. Anyhow, over at the Bookfraud blog (which by the way is way better than this blog -- great job sticking pictures in the posts) you'll find a rant of amazing proportions railing against Thomas the Tank Engine and comercialism. Apparently his cheekiness was lost on Mr. Fraud, (quite similar to John Naughton's Thomas Bash). I enjoyed the following quote:

Google 'Thomas the Tank Engine' and you are confronted with 1.36 million
hits, many for buying Thomas the Tank Engines and Friends Craptastic Crap.
(Personally, in the name of verisimilitude, I think they should have
Thomas-brand anthracite coal, a three-fingered, one-eyed engineer action figure,
and a soot-covered boiler doll that sings, I've been working on the BEEPing
railroad, all my BEEPing days.)

While certainly no one who keeps a Thomas the Tank Engine Blog has much right to call someone else pathetic, why the profanity? Anyone with a vocabulary that includes the word "verisimilitude" can surely find better ways to express anger at a fictional train than with profanity.


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