Friday, January 26, 2007

Comment: How Do I Decide What to Post?

Sometimes I'm conflicted about what to post on this blog. The following are the possibilities as I see them:

1) News stories about "A Day Out with Thomas"
2) News stories about Thomas as a brand
3) Other blog posts about Thomas in general
4) Other blog posts about Thomas in as pertains to a specific child / party / event
5) Web resources about Thomas (that aren't just fronts for selling toys)
6) Other

I always post 2, 3, and 6 when I see them. Per 1, there are LOADS of stories each month in newspapers around the country all saying essentially the same thing, Thomas is coming. If one of them does a particularly nice job of describing Thomas, or why he's special or something, I'll do a post.

Regarding 5 I'll post when I feel it's worthwhile. re: #6 I post because they're unique. The last one, #4 is a judgment call. I don't have a very large readership and very few (no) complaints or critisim, so I don't know if I post too often or not enough. In general if someone seemed to put a lot of time into a post or article, or if there are fun or nice pictures, I'll usually post it.

I hope this settles the vast controversy surrounding how I decide what is blog worthy. Now hopefully our country can get back on track and solve some of the real problems facing us. I'm sorry I've let this distraction go unsaid for so long. I've slain the elephant in the room.


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