Tuesday, February 14, 2006

News: Thomas Game coming soon

It says here: JAKKS News Release that JAKKS is planning on releasing a Thomas game later this year. I've played their Atari throwback game (It's essentially a nostalgic joystick that plugs into the RCA cables in the front of your TV. All the logic for the games are small enough to fit in the controller... Very clever) and it's fantastic. I hope the Thomas game is thoughtful and not just some kind of, "we've got exclusive licensing... Lets get something -- anything -- out the door". It drives me nuts when companies do that with breakfast cereals. (Sorry... Andy Rooney just hijacked my keyboard). Anyhow... It has the potential to be fun, if the price point is low ( < $30 ) and it's intuitive to the under 5 year old male Thomas loving crowd. To find out more about the Atari thing check out tvgames.com


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