Friday, February 03, 2006

Comment: which sequel will be better? 'Narnia II' vs. 'Harry Potter V'

I wanted to raise the questions after reading the article earlier. It way seem that I'm biased as I keep a Harry potter blog, but I've read both series and I LOVED LWW, both the book and the movie. That said the answer to this dilemma is that HP will be better. I can state this unequivocally because the book was so much better and the audience (us) are so much more wrapped up in what's going to happen to Harry, Ron, Snape and the like. The rest of the Narnia books were OK but none are really classics IMHO without LWW to introduce them. I will say though, the last quarter of book 7 in Narnia was fantastic, showing those pigs and how they couldn't appreciate heaven and the building anticipation of the kids climbing ever higher. But anyhow, the next HP will be better.

Dueling sequels: 'Narnia II' vs. 'Harry Potter V' Popwatch Blog: Entertainment Weekly


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