Friday, June 22, 2007

News: The Little Engine That Could Poison

The Little Engine That Could Poison - Is that not the greatest headline you've ever seen? I've gone back and forth as to whether it should have a ... before the poison. Still... great line.

For decades, Thomas the Tank Engine and his fellow trains have been teaching
children important life lessons. Now the plucky locomotives — especially the
haughty and sometimes naughty James the Red Engine — are serving up important
lessons about regulating environmental poisons in the global economy.

I thought this was enlightening:
In many parts of the world, from Asia to Africa to Eastern Europe, children
and workers still face levels of lead exposure not seen here for decades. The
red and yellow lead paint at RC2 Corporation’s Chinese toy factory may still be
used on toys for domestic consumption, or for export to other countries. Our
children will not truly be safe from hazardous products and environmental
hazards until stiff standards are global norms.


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