Wednesday, July 05, 2006

News: Aussie columnist surprised by childish childrens shows

Adult themes, strong language - Heckler - Opinion -

At the risk (more than a risk... I'm guilty) of taking a tongue in cheek article at face value, I disagree with the notion that childrens programming ought to be more entertaining to adults. I agree with the assertion that better scriptwriting could make a show entertaining for young and old, but that seldom happens. Instead rather than be clever, scriptwriters are vulgar or lewd. I can appreciate the concept of making films entertaining for the parents sitting beside the grown ups in the theater... but at what cost? Films like Shrek for example are so filled with innuendo and the like that I'd be hesitant to show it to my kids. The net result is that we relax our standards to fit with the mainstream, as defined by the people marketing films.

Given my options, I choose boring.


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