Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Comment: Come Ride the Rails with Thomas OVERSOLD

'Thomas' cancellation leaves fan derailed: "'Thomas' cancellation leaves fan derailed"

I can't imagine that this kind of thing can happen. Apparently a lady bought tickets to "A Day Out with Thomas" and then later was told by the railroad that they'd oversold the trip. I find this rather disgusting. It's one thing, though not a good thing, for airlines to do this garbage... A certain percentage or their passengers don't show and are offered some sort of refund or other ticket. They oversold a non-refundable train ride. Someone knew there are 400 tickets to be sold, we've sold 400, but hey... Let's keep selling. Hopefully it was an honest mistake, but that's incredibly disappointing to buy tickets, promise your child something and then have to take that back. I hope the railroad compensates her in some way, though it doesn't sound like they did / will. Historic Railroads are fighting for survival as it is, without the dark cloud of disappointing the few people out there enthusiastic about visiting.


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